GL-70 Flying Test was successfully done in Tianjin !

    June 11-12, a series of flying tests of GL-70 were successfully performed in Tianjin Binhai new area on Z3, an UAV owned by Tianjin Zhongwei Aerospace Data System Technology Co., Ltd.

    Preparation work was first carried out by the tech team led by our CTO Bob Kletzli before the flying, including mounting, installing, flight lines designing and system and UAV setup, and powering. After all procedures were finished, a test fly was first tried with the altitude and speed required to acquire data, then real tests were carried out. GPS base station was also set up for data post-processing purpose. After 4 hours of effort contributed by all team members involved, all missions were accomplished as planned and the flying test was completed with success.

    GL-70 is the first UAV Lidar system integrated with a Riegl VUX-1 scanner and tested on a UAV in the world. The test fly proved our integration technology and product performance. We are ready for you, UAV Lidar users!

    (Special thanks to Riegl China and RedChina for their support in this test fly! )






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