LiDAR System Integration

We provide quality integration service for dynamic Lidar systems, including airborne Lidar and mobile Lidar systems, as well as oblique camera systems and other special sensors, such as infrared cameras and hyperspectral cameras with Lidar systems. Integration of Lidar systems and various flying platforms is also available, both manned aircrafts and UAVs. 

Our self-developed data acquisition software provides customers intelligent data acquisition with one button to start. And the customer-friendly interface of this software provides status of all important parameters inside Lidar during configuration and as well as operation. It can be used to monitor the ongoing status and therefore highly simplifies the operation. One of the key features of this easy-to-operate software is that thumb-nails of images taken by the camera of the Lidar system can be sent to the interface for quality check. And the other significant feature is that the “start” button can only be activated after all the cables and connections are in place and GPS satellites are located. So it minimizes the mis-operation and in turn increases the efficiency of the operation.  

Camera system in all of our Lidar systems are calibrated in lab and calcite before they are shipped out, therefore accurate camera files and relationship between camera center and POS unit center is well-defined. High-accuracy POS result can then be converted to external oriental parameters of the images for ortho rectification, and mosaic is, as result, automatically completed to product DOM. This enables DOM generating process much faster than conversational method as no GPS ground control points are needed, nor triangulations. 

   Another feature of our integration service is the intelligent and rapid data processing workflow. This new post-processing workflow greatly increases the efficiency of data processing and generate high accurate laser data and image data.


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