LiDAR Technology Application

Integration service with various platforms

1.Integration with UAVs: Combining Lidar with UAV, the two high technologies, to meet the emerging market need of mapping low altitude high accuracy data rapidly, has become more and more popular in recent years. This application not only takes advantage of the UAV features, which is flexible, cost-effective and rapid-responded etc., but also highlights the feature of Lidar technology, rapidly and accurately acquiring 3D data of the surface and all the objects on the ground. This application enables rapid data updating which in turn benefit all industries.

Our company started UAV Lidar since 2010, and we have tried more than 6 kinds of UAVs platforms through the years, gained rich experience in this area. We provide quality integration service with flying platforms to all of our customers.


2.Integration with automobiles: along with the rapid development of navigation maps, mobile Lidar systems are becoming popular. With years of integration experience, Lidar technology know-how, and mapping experience, we have added mobile Lidar system integration to our new service lines.

Project Services:

1.Conventional Lidar technology consulting: Geo-info’s technical team has rich experience with mapping projects using big conventional Lidar systems. Our team has supervised customers doing Lidar projects in Powerlines, highways, railroads, forestry, water resources and mining industries in many countries in the world, including America, Europe, Asia and Australia, all with 100% satisfaction. Starting from 2015, Geo-info started its practice in China, helped our customers accomplished many projects since, including the famous Great Wall Shan haiguan Lidar project.

2.UAV Lidar project service:  Starting from 2012, Geo-info has participated in a series of powerline projects using Lidar technologies, some are for powerline design, some are for powerline patrol and some are for powerline asset management, i.e. danger tree analysis and cross-over analysis etc. 50% of these projects used UAV Lidar. Till present, we have conducted projects in Hubei, Sichuan, Zhejiang, Shandong, and Guangdong powerline companies, and all of them used Geo-info Lidar systems, which generated quality data and met customers’ needs. In addition, we also provided Lidar systems and service to area mapping projects. October 2015, we have finished a total area of 1600 km2 with our customer in Heilongjiang, the most Northern Province in China.


We provide service from UAV Lidar rental, technical support, data acquisition and processing to analysis in powerline industries and other industries in Lidar world.

3.Total solution service: together with our partners, we provide total solution services to our customers in related industries.  


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