1000kV powerline project accomplished with GL-70A

End of April, Dezhou, Shandong province, 1000kV powerline inspection project was conducted with GL-70A. This is the third project within a month that GL-70A has accomplished on manned helicopter, and the second one right after Power inspection in Inner Mongolia earlier in the same month.

Total length of the project is less than 100 km, data acquisition was done with GL-70A on AS350, with flying height at 170m and flying speed at 80km/h. Laser data was processed early next morning after the acquisition was finished. DOM was also delivered at the end of the next day. Point density was about 24 pts/m2 and raw image resolution was less than 5cm.

GL-70A is convenient, efficient and accurate, an intelligent Lidar system suitable for powerline inspection. Please check the technical parameters of this product inside our website. 



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