Acceptance Test of GL-70 on Dragon 50 was successfully completed

    November 16-19, 2015, the Acceptance Test of GL-70 on Dragon 50 was conducted in Tianjin and Baoding, Hebei province in China. The system is the bid-won system for China Institute of Water Resources and Hydropower Research (IWHR), and the acceptance test included ground testing, flying testing, data checking and technical parameter checking etc. Despite of bad weather such as wind, rain and fog, we successfully finished all the procedures and the acceptance was completed.

    This GL-70 Lidar system also was used in area mapping in Heilongjiang province, China in October 2015, prior to this official acceptance test, to map the province’s river resources. More than 1500 sq. km was mapped with GL-70 on manned helicopter (Enstrom 480B), and the result was great. GL-70 was run autonomously and the data was accepted by the customer.

    GL-70 was proven to be a multi-function Lidar system, suitable for both UAV and manned helicopters and performed stably and autonomously. This corridor mapper performed surprising well in area mapping.


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