GL-70A soared in Inner Mongolia’s powerline inspection

April 14-15th, 2016 a test project of using Lidar technology for powerline inspection in Inner Mongolia province was conducted in west Inner Mongolia area. Preparation work was done in Erdos, a city famous for wool products, by Geo-info Tech staff and our partners from Beijing. GL-70A was the Lidar system chosen for this project, and just like in Guangxi project, installation work of GL-70A on Bell 206 was finished quickly and flying was accomplished as planned on 14th. On 15th, we showed the laser data to the customer and they were very impressed and spoke highly about the result data, which featured with high point density, even point distribution, high accuracy and few noise. Again, GL-70A was proven to be the Lidar system with high quality and efficiency.    

newinfo-42  (1).jpg

GL-70A with Bell 206

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Point Cloud 


Color point cloud 



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