Geo-info at Intergeo 2016 in Hamburg

The famous three-day INTERGEO expo was held from 11th -13th October, 2016 in Hamburg, Germany. More than 17000 Visitors and users and professionals from more than 100 countries attended this No. 1 Geo-IT show this year.

Geo-info, together with our partner SwissDrones Operating AG, presented our most updated products at the show. GL-70A, GLV and Dragon 50 v2 were shown and drew many people’s attention. The complete UAV Lidar solution of Dragon 50v2 and GL-70A, which can be ready to fly within 10 minute to set up with the ability to fly up to 3000 masl caught many people’s eyes and users from mining industry, powerline and mapping industries all over the world were very interested in our solutions and business talks were held directly in our booth.

Special thanks to our partner SwissDrones for a beautiful booth.






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