GL-70A/Dragon 50 trip to Malaysia

End of April, Malaysia, Rainy season, GL-70A with Dragon 50 started its Demo in Malaysia in such a weather.

Flying demo was conducted in a palm oil tree plant north of Kuala Lumpur. Palm trees are densely planted in the hills, and customer wanted to map the terrain for re-plantation. With no doubt, GL-70A together with Dragon 50 is the best choice!

After thorough preparation, Geo-info and SDO technical team got ready for flying quickly.Due to rapid weather change pattern for rainy season in this area, the window for flying test is small.30+ °hot and humid weather was a big challenge for people as well as equipment. But this is nothing in front of the technical team given their rich experience and professionalism in handling this system. Install, ground test, flight line design, safety check, start Dragon 50 and GL-70A, take off, auto fly, autonomous data acquisition, auto landing! All done with the first attempt.

5 minutes after landing, torrential rain poured down. Typical tropical weather! Despite that, the demo was successfully accomplished and data was processed rapidly with good quality. Geo-info will continue to pursue its international trips and expand its market, with professionalism,quality products and services. 





DSM laser point cloud data is classified by the grid to obtain DEM



Color point cloud 


Partial Point Cloud 


Partial Color point cloud 




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