Geo-info and LS participate in XPonential 2018

On May 1-3, 2018, the American International UAV System Exhibition, XPonential 2018, hosted by the famous AUVSI, was held in the beautiful city of Denver. Together with the CEOs of our International company LS and US distributor UAS, Geo-info’s CEO Ms. Li Weihong, CTO Mr. Bob Kletzli, participated in the exhibition, to present Geo-info’s products and technologies, meet with guests from all over the world to our booth to showcase the company's cutting-edge technology and industrial solutions.

In recent years, unmanned systems have been developed rapidly, and the success of the exhibition will stimulate more industry applications, such as border security, industrial logistics, search and rescue, Arctic scientific research, pollution monitoring, volcano research, pipeline monitoring, construction, wildlife monitoring, real estate  development, power line inspection, disaster assessment, etc. Since the introduction of the US government's approval of small drone flight regulations in 2016, drone-related industry applications have been developed rapidly.

Geo-info’s products successfully landed in the United States in 2017, and we believe that the promotion activities of this exhibition will bring more international orders to the company.




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